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TempSmart Grand Serenade

Release your heat, Restore your cool

  • Removing bodyheat during the entire night

  • Excellent in managing moisture, natural Horse Hair regulates temperature effectively and offer a luxurious comfort

  • The right temperature always, keep you sleep well all night

  • Boosted support with body movement isolation and durability for total comfort

  • Help to dissipate heat and moisture of the mattress cover

  • Natural temp regulator and ensure your bed fresh for optimum sleep comfort

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Slumberland TempSmart Grand Serenade with exclusive superior temperature conditioning,  kikoo's innovative technology, keeps you comfortably cool, for 12+ hours.  Kikoo's technology, a naturally sustainable band solution, helps excess heat flow away and absorbs body heat, while you sleep.  Togetherwith, well-known TempSmart fabric feature maintains just right temperature, all night.  The Pocketed Spring System 3600 coil count  with cool gel memory foam provides comfort and remembers the weight of each part of the body.  TempSmart Grand Seranade  makes you sleep of excellent quality through the night.  

  • 14.5 Inches
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  • Sanitized
  • Single Sided
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  • 15-Year